Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Check-In

Weekly Loss: -2.2
Total Loss: -32
Yearly Loss: -2.2
Last Week's Activity: Worked out 5 times, earned a total of 20 activity points

I'm not sure if I was crazy to re-commit last week, but it worked.  A 2.2 loss in spite of New Years Eve, New Years Day, and a day of travel, was hard work.  I used all of my weekly points and activity points this week, which had me a little nervous.  But I tracked absolutely everything.  When I went into the red, I didn't say "forget it" and stop tracking altogether, I got off my butt and worked out until I was back in black.

I'm excited about next week, but a little nervous.  I'm switching meetings, to a 7 am Wednesday meeting.  I love my Saturday morning leader, but getting to my 8 am meeting on my one day a week to sleep in was making me resent meeting, and resent WW as a whole.  Getting to a 7 am meeting is going to be a challenge too, but I have to get up on Wednesdays anyway.  And if worse comes to worse, the center has open hours all morning.  If I miss the meeting, I can still weigh in on my way to work, and come back for the evening meeting.

The rest of week is going to be challenging too.  My birthday is Wednesday, and Matt has a big romantic dinner planned for that, and I have friend in town Thursday night, so we'll be going out.  Matt and I went to the farmers' market this week, so we've got plenty of fresh produce.  We'll post a full menu later today or tomorrow, but the highlights I'm looking forward to making are Chocolate-Covered Pomegranate Seeds and Sweet Potato Bread (wish me luck on veganizing my first baking recipe!).

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  1. Happy Early Birthday.

    Congrats on the good week.

    I just switched my meeting up, and was pleasantly surprised by how awesome the new leader is. Hope it works out for you.