Monday, May 2, 2011

Camping Food

Matt and I spent Saturday night on Assateague Island off the Maryland coast.  If you grew up reading the Misty of Chincoteague series, you'll know Assateague as home to a herd of wild ponies, as well as many different sea birds. 

Traditional camping food tends to be pretty pointy and pretty meaty.  So it's a challenge to find plan food for a camping trip.  Breakfast is easy - we usually just have instant oatmeal and coffee.

We cooked dinner over the fire.  Getting a fire started was the hardest part.  I have distinct memories of my dad teaching me how to start fires, unfortunately, I don't actually remember what he said.  It also didn't help that the wood we bought from the park was damp.  After a few false starts and a drive into town to buy some fire starter, we finally got it going.

Dinner was Tofu Pups and Hobo Pies.  To make the Hobo Pies, we chopped up two potatoes and onions, and added enough oil to coat, and salt and pepper.  We wrapped them in heavy duty foil.  Normally we'd put it in the coals, but by the time we got the fire started, I was pretty hungry, so we set up a grill over the fire itself.  Once everything was cooked, we added ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut.

Still a little pointy, but hiking on a beach will earn enough activity points to make up for it, along with the beer.  Beer and hot dogs - I love that I can have food I love and not feel guilty about it!

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